AN NA KIM (aka Starworld AnNa Kim)

Born in Seoul, Korea / Works in Chicago, IL

Stars and sun, heart to heart, bright colors, deep conversation with someone who understands me, and super duper tight warm hug = Fantastic super duper lovely happiness in Starworld.

My name is Starworld AnNa Kim and I live in Starworld.

We all have different perspectives in life--with different goals and dreams to achieve-- and with that, we write our own unique stories. Like everyone else, I am writing my story.

I remember and revisit my experiences everyday. To be honest, there is nothing perfectly accurate in my memories or recollections, but I think there exists a free soul with endless possibilities in them. I enjoy the time I take to indulge in reminiscence because it leaves my life free to my interpretation.

My work is an honest dialogue about my everyday life. It communicates with the world about my past, now, and future. Everything comes from my memories and imagination, with colors and shapes coming from my heart. I use various materials that I makes me comfortable.

I create visible things with invisible heart and soul and I communicate with others through them. I have always felt trouble in communicating with others since I was a child. I found art as a medium to express myself without fear of rejection from others.

My work shines in dark: it is deep, yet fun. I hope and imagine that a stranger will stand face to face with my work and feel my heart. And my work will hug his or her heart.

We all have our own stories and I wish my story will inspire others!

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